The Woodinville Garden Club Plant Sale is coming this Spring.  Pull out your pots, turn the soil in the veggie garden, and get ready to shop our “online sale”.  The tomatoes, hanging baskets and annuals you have come to expect from us for the past 20 years, will all be available the Saturday before Mother’s Day, May 8th.

 Our members are working in the greenhouse and giving tender care to all our unique and popular tomato varieties that are chosen to be perfect for our Pacific Northwest summers. Our flowers will brighten your summer containers and be “just the perfect” plants for your garden beds.  Our hanging sun baskets are packed with rich and vibrant colors, textures and greenery—all the plants we gardeners call ‘thrillers, fillers, and spillers’.  Mom would love one for Mother’s Day.

 Are you looking for a special gift? Trugs are a must-have garden accessory, combining practical utility and ornamental value.  Plus, they can be used to create indoor displays and they make wonderful gardening gifts. Our version is made from weathered cedar and features a one of a kind natural branch handle.

 Last year, our first online sale, exceeded our expectations, selling out before noon, and resulting in a $16,000 donation to Hopelink’s dedicated needs fund that helped our neighbors impacted by the pandemic.

 The Sale starts May 8th at 9am until sold out. Delivery times of plants for those living 98072 and 98077 will be the next week. Curbside pick-up for those living elsewhere will be May 15th at a location sent by email to purchasers. All the items are available at our Online Store.

Click on the buttons below for a sneak peek of our tomatoes, summer flowers and vegetables, sun and shade hanging baskets, and cedar trugs inventory below!