Civic Project Listing

Recent or Ongoing Projects

  • $15,000 donation to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens for construction of their new Visitor & Education Centers.
  • $7,500 donation to Woodinville Heritage Museum for a new arbor, fence, and rose planting as a memorial gift from WGC member Judie Philips.
  • $500 donation to the Northshore Community Kitchen.
  • $25,000 commission for a bronze sculpture by Georgia Gerber for the Woodinville Playing Fields.
  • $1,400 donation to the Woodinville Heritage Museum for benches and plant materials for creating a Grandmother's Garden ouside the center.
  • Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each awarded to students pursuing horticulture or environmental degrees.
  • Hopelink annual donations for those in need in our community.
  • Bellevue Botanical Society contributions for special projects at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.
  • Northshore Adult Day Care Center landscaping for senior citizens in Bothell and the surrounding community.
  • Global Partners Running Waters program contributions for the Haiti water filtration project.
  • Seattle Children's Play Garden funds for washer/dryer appliances.
  • Donations to Seattle Tilth for the Seattle Youth Gardening Works program.

Past Projects Since 1984

Local Community/Regional

  • Georgia Gerber $15,000 commission for “The Gardener” bronze sculpture at DeYoung Park in downtown Woodinville.
  • Contribution of $20,000 for Woodinville’s Wilmot Park central gatehouse and additional funds for the container gardens.
  • Landscape design and plantings for the gardens at Wilmot Park in the amount of $3,000.
  • Northshore Adult Day Care Center $2500 donation for a therapy garden enjoyed by senior citizens in the community.
  • Seattle Chinese Garden Capital Campaign for renovations in the amount of $1000.
  • Donation of $500 to the Center for Urban Horticulture Miller Library Rebuilding Fund.
  • Design and landscaping at the original entrance to the city of Woodinville at Visual Park.
  • Woodinville High School plantings/landscaping project.
  • City of Woodinville street banners.
  • Donation of plants and maintenance for the original planters along 175th Street in downtown Woodinville for many years, as well as funds to replace original wooden containers.
  • Woodinville City Hall containers and planting donations.
  • Woodinville Library seasonal plantings/landscaping for many years as well as donations made toward new containers and benches on library grounds.
  • Bellevue Botanical Garden bench donation for the new perennial garden.
  • Kingsgate Library planting donations.
  • Redmond Senior Center containers and planting donations.
  • Evergreen Hospice Center containers and planting donations.
  • Aegis, assisted living facility, in Bothell potting bench contribution.
  • Refreshment fund donation for the Northshore Adult Day Care in Bothell.


World Gardening

  • Flood relief funds for the Hmong flower growers to replace damaged plants.
  • Heifer Project donation for seeds and chickens in underdeveloped countries to encourage self-sufficiency.
  • Nature Conservancy donations.
  • Washington Park Arboretum donations.
  • 21 Acres irrigation project funding.
  • Friends of the Northwest Forest.

Youth Gardening

  • Donation toward Boy Scout project making plant identification signs at Gold Creek Park.
  • Local public school landscaping/planting docent projects with children in the community.
  • Donations for tree plantings at local public schools in commemoration of Arbor Day.
  • Docent program at Timbercrest Jr. High exploring stewardship of the land for science classes.
  • Seattle Children's Play Garden donation of a rabbit hutch and chicken coop.
  • Donation of $1500 to the Washington Park Arboretum youth education program.
  • Donation of $500 to Cottage Lake Elementary School’s outdoor classroom project.
  • Donation of plants and plant talk to Cottage Lake Elementary students $150 in 2011.
  • Donation of dish rock and plants to Woodin Elementary $150 in 2012.
  • Donation of plants to Woodin Elementary NW native garden $150 in 2013. 
  • Donation of plants to Woodin Elementary-additions to the Pioneer Garden, Mentoring Green Team members, bulbs for the school grounds, edible plant seeds and starts in 2014-2016.